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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

After your home, your flooring and soft furnishing investment will be the largest investment in your home you will make. Like all investments – The better you maintain your flooring and furnishings the longer use life you will get from it.


Here at Art of Clean we set our self a goal to help all home owners in and around Cambridgeshire, Essex Suffolk and Hertfordshire get the very best return on their flooring and soft furnishings investment. We strive to help people feel a great sense of pride in their home and furnishings.


Our service include floor care and restoration, from carpet cleaning and maintenance, wood sanding, vinyl (Karndean and Amtico) and more we also care for soft furnishings like upholstery (fabric and leather sofas), fine area and oriental rugs.


For the home owner who take pride in the esthetical appearance of the outside of the home we also offer driveway and patio maintenance and care.


Our goal is to save people money by helping them care for these special items. Prevention is always better than cure. How do we achieve this?


Once we have served you we will keep in contact with you as we have your best interest at heart – If we run special promotions you will be the first to know.


Delivering the service.


There are a few important requirements:


– Right People

– Right Equipment

– Right Education

– Right System


People - the most important part – We only employ and train people to go into our clients homes if we feel they will be welcome in our own home. To ensure our clients has total piece of mind we offer a money back guarantee that allows our clients the following: if the service we deliver is not what we set out at the start we will return and re-clean the area in question FREE of charge – If you still feel unhappy and it is due to our level of service we will refund every penny.


 Equipment - Some companies can claim they have the largest most powerful machine – Have they been trained correctly in its use? Some claim they have used it for many year - It does not mean they have been using it correctly for somany years. 


Training - Many companies that offer commercial carpet and furnsihing cleaning can claim they hacve completed training - Ensure you check that this is the case. Some unethical cleaners will ride on the back of other successfullk firms and claim they use have completed the same training - If you do not check you will never know. 


How to check if Carpets and fusnishing care companies are trained and belong to the prefesional orginisations they claim they do?


Simple - Here are the main bodies/orginisations you can check against - IICRC - NCCA - Woolsafe


Ensure you do check as there are many companies that will simply claim they have done training and are members theough they are not.


How about their System? Do they understand the importance of the use of different systems to help you achieve the best clean possible?– Once they have worked for you, do they follow up and ensure you are happy? – If something did not go to plan – do they have a proven system to deal with concerns or feedback?


We look forward to welcome you as yet another happy Art of Clean Client.

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