Carpet Repair

Know The 5 Step Process For Our Carpet Repair Service in Cambridge

What did we do to help?

We first had to find a  piece of carpet to carry out the repair with.

In some cases where the carpet is heavily worn laying in a new piece of carpet will not work well as the new carpets stands out from the old. In this case it is better to get a worn piece of carpet.

If you get new carpet installed it is a great idea to keep a larger piece of carpet as you never know when you might need this.



Sometimes a lovely carpet can get marked in ways that cannot be cleaned out. Here at Art of Clean we repair carpets.


As long as you have a piece of the same carpet and as long as this piece of carpet is the same wear. We can help.


We recently attended to a carpet with a burn mark on it. Knowing the mark can not be cleaned out we had to revert to carry out a carpet repair in Cambridge.

It was not a very big mark but as the client was renting the home they know that if they come to the end of the tenancy he would have to pay for a new carpet. It is much cheaper to get the carpet repaired rather.

1- Identify the damage and find the pile direction of the carpet

2- Now we cut the damaged piece out very carefully

Before Carpet Repair

After Carpet Repair

3- We then create a replacement piece that fits exactly where the damaged part was removed

4- We now lay it in place on a special layer of glue and use our special heating tool to secure it down permanently

5- The carpet repair is now complete !

If you need any advice on carpet repair, please give us a call on 01223 655 656