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Pet Urine Problems

We love pets. Sometimes they can have an accident on the carpet or upholstery. Don’t panic; just call a professional cleaning company that can deal with the mark straight away.


Pet stains (urine stain for example) is one of the worst types of stains to remove if you live it. Pet stains need to be handled correctly. You can see 2 different types of problem that can be caused by pet urine: yellow stains and very bad smell!


“Why does it smell so bad?” I hear you ask. The smell is caused by the bacteria feeding on moisture. Urine consists of a mixture of waste products (urea, sodium chloride, urine acid and other substances). The ammonia smell comes from decomposing urine, urine salts and bacteria. The bacteria will continue to grow as long as there is moisture or a food source. The smell can also spread onto your clothing and furniture. It is also not safe for the respiratory system. So, cleaning pet urine must be done properly!


Art of Clean has been trained to get rid of the most difficult pet stains but unfortunately, sometimes we cannot guarantee 100% spot removal on pet stains and also it can sometimes be very difficult to remove the smell totally. We will be happy to come and have a look for you!

One piece of advice, don’t just mask the problem with deodorizers and perfumes! Get to the root of the problem. We are using the most powerful cleaning system on the market:  truck-mounted hot water extraction method. It cleans better and deeper the fibre of the carpet.


We Love our pets as much as you do and know how frustrating it can be when your pet urinates or defecates on your carpets or upholstery. You can trust Art of Clean to take care of all your Pet odour and stain removal needs… Give us a call on 01223863632.

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